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For many people who want to own a place in the sun, Timeshare is a viable option, but with the Timeshare industry struggling for survival, Timeshare companies were and still are using every trick in the book to entice consumers to purchase. Hence, there are many who feel they have been victims of unscrupulous individuals and companies who have bullied clients into buying something they do not want, need or can afford.
Due to the economic decline over recent years, Sales Reps are having to rely on the “free” holiday scam to sell Timeshare. You receive a phone call saying you have won a holiday for 2 people including flights. The Sales Rep advises you that to claim your prize you have to attend a “presentation” but assures you this is not Timeshare! What you are not told (and you only find out once on holiday) is that if you fail to attend the "presentation", you will be charged the full holiday price which will be exorbitant.

When you take the holiday, the "presentation" is at a Timeshare resort or sales office and you are subjected to 4, 5 or even 6 hours of high pressure sales tactics from a Sales Rep who does not know the meaning of the word “NO”. Your brain shuts down and you are a sitting target. You feel completely intimated by the sales process and the fear that prevents you from leaving.

Perhaps you are already on holiday strolling along the seafront when you are approached and given a scratch card. Amazingly, you win a free bottle of champagne or another gift. The only catch is - you have to go to a nearby hotel/office to collect your prize. Once you are there, you find yourself sitting in an airless, noisy room listening to a slick presentation on the benefits of Timeshare. Perhaps you say you already own a Timeshare. "No problem", says the Sales Rep. "We'll sell your existing Timeshare for you if you buy from us". The pressure to buy is intense but it sounds great beacuse they promise you a higher standard of accommodation, and either lower maintainence fees or no maintainence fees at all. However, your existing Timeshare is never sold and not only do you now own two Timeshares, you have two sets of maintainence fees as well!

  • Do any of the above sound familiar or relate to your experience? If so, then you have been a victim of mis-selling. The law in this area is extremely complex and the contracts are deliberately complicated, but The Reclaim Experts specialise in cutting through the red tape making the process completely straight forward. We are totally confident in our ability to deliver the service you need to successfully pursue a claim on your behalf.
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