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The Reclaim experts team have over 20 years of combined knowledge in consumer affairs, our in house research team have uncovered the serious mis-sell of solar panels as the government continues to change course costing you more and more money for worthless products that just look ugly.

As you drive around the countryside and now even urban streets of Britain, we can often see many roofs proudly displaying solar energy panels, owners are expecting them to save money and contribute to the national grid. This is in many cases how they sold solar panels over the last 6 years, expecting them to reduce bills and contribute to the much needed carbon reduction schemes.

This in some cases could be true, YES over many years they could well pay for themselves but will that actually be in your lifetime? They may even help save the planet - another saving you are undoubtedly never going to see. 

The truth of the solar scam in most cases, is that poorly qualified salesman and technicians cashed in during the boom years and turned that solar energy into cash. They filled many people with the save the planet scam whilst filling their pockets and installing Not so energy efficient panels. Loans and Credit cards were used as the savings would soon return your money and continue to save more from the government energy schemes.

These companies are now well documented on the internet, and the amounts they took from honest customers trying to do the right thing for their pocket and the planet. Take “ Solar Energy Savings Ltd “ for a prime example. They cashed in over £50 million in just over 14 months before being closed down by the Government Department “Insolvency Service “, the question really needs to be asked HOW was a company able to operate and turnover this amount of money, selling a service that was just a sunshine scam?

You can find the investigation conducted by a well know newspaper documenting the company and relevant facts concerning the solar scam below, along with some other interesting articles and sources also offering findings into several reports....

Informative Links...

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The Reclaim Experts are now helping thousands of people to reclaim their money. Mis-sold Solar Panels is one of the areas we are now investigating and achieving successful claims. If you have purchased solar panels in the last 6 years, and feel they have not improved you household finances and are not happy with the governments shift in legislation, we can help you. Please complete the form on the right and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your options, and even the outcome of a successful claim.  

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