Mis-sold Timeshare

Most timeshares are sold at a 'presentation' and sellers almost always offer some attractive gift as an incentive. Whilst this can be legitimate, this is not always the case.

At the presentation you will likely find that this involves high-pressure sales tactics. The seller may suggest a very attractive discount, but only if you sign a contract ‘right now’. The seller will likely not allow you to take the information away with you to read the contract or better yet, have a lawyer read the paperwork.

The company makes attractive promises regarding the timeshare purchase to try an entice people to sign up on the day. These promises and assurances often turn out to be completely false. For example clients may be told:

  • That the holiday homes are 5* quality, but in fact they have not even been built.
  • That the timeshare can be sold on in 3 – 5 years at a huge profit, but in fact the resale market is incredibly small.
  • That the income received for renting their timeshare weeks will pay for the maintenance fees so they will never have to worry about the cost of these. This does not happen and the maintenance fees continue to rise annually.
  • You can cancel at any time in the future, however once past the cooling-off period they will not accept a cancellation.
  • People who already own a timeshare are told they can sell the timeshare they already own at a very attractive price, however, the sale does not occur and they end up with two to dispose of.

Mis-sold Holiday Club Memberships
Like timeshare, there are many unscrupulous individuals who seek to fraudulently benefit from this idea. Do any of the below examples sound familiar?

  • You were promised huge discounts on holidays and flights but in reality they cost the same or more than those available on the high street.
  • You sign up and later learn that the discounts describes by the sales representative are not available.
  • You were promised a variety of destinations and options, but in reality the selection is very restricted.

Does any of the above sound familiar or relate to your experience? If so, the company who sold you the membership may have committed a breach of contract or misrepresentation and you have been a victim of mis-selling. This gives rise to statutory legal protection and allows you a route for redress. The law in this area is extremely complex and the contracts are deliberately complicated, but we specialise in cutting through the red tape making the process completely straight forward.

If you have been sold Holiday Club Membership under similar circumstances, or unhappy with your investment Contact The Reclaim Experts.


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