When is Timeshare NOT Timeshare?

When its dressed up as Holiday Club Membership. This is when you are shown videos and websites displaying holiday destinations offered at amazing discount prices, just for becoming a member. Once you become a member you receive a password that allows you to book cheap flights and accommodation, only to find the holidays an flights are now more expensive than on the High Street or from any other website.

What were you told by the Salesman? - Were you seriously mis-led or told outright lies to persuade you to purchase? - Do any of these examples ring true with you?

Were you advised that your Timeshare would increase in value? - In fact your timeshare actually decreases significantly in value and getting rid of a Timeshare is not as easy as the Sales Rep made out, they are virtually impossible to sell on.
The annual maintainence fee is limited to the level of inflation. - Not true! Many resorts increased their annual maintainence fees every year.
You can cancel at any time in the future. - Once past the cooling-off period they will not accept a cancellation. If in actual fact you were offered a cooling-off period at all!
There is no need to read the paperwork. - You may be denied the opportunity to read the full Terms and Conditions attached to the Purchase Agreement which would highlight clauses contrary to what you were told.

We are all aware of the high pressured selling techniques put into place by these companies and the methods they use to sell Timeshare, but you DO have the right to cancel.

Only some buyers are told that they have a cooling-off period, but are not told the duration of the cooling-off period. When it comes to signing the Purchase Agreement, the Sales Rep only points out the date for final payment, as this is all the Sales Rep is interested in. The purchase of Timeshare or Holiday Club membership is covered by the Timeshare law (1994 Timeshare Directive (94/47/EC)) which requires that a purchaser is given not less than a 10 day cooling-off period or 14 days if purchased in the UK.

  • Do any of the above sound familiar or relate to your experience? If so, then you have been a victim of mis-selling. The law in this area is extremely complex and the contracts are deliberately complicated, but we specialise in cutting through the red tape making the process completely straight forward. We are totally confident in our ability to deliver the service you need to successfully pursue a claim on your behalf.

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