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Below is a selection of our most frequently asked questions. If this section does not provide the answer you are looking for then please don’t hesitate to contact us, our friendly staff are on hand to help you.

What is Timeshare?

  • A timeshare is the right to spend a period of time in the course of year in a given property or properties. This can also be used as an investment by renting out your timeshare right.

What is a Holiday Club membership?

  • Being a holiday club member gives you the right to discounts on accommodation or to related benefits, sometimes in combination with travel or other services.

How do I know if I have a claim?

There are some statutory requirements which must be met to have a valid claim:

  • If you paid your initial payment (i.e. deposit) by credit card, you should be entitled to make a claim.
  • If a single purchase you made did not exceed £30,000 in total, you should have a claim. Subsequent re-purchases or ‘upgrades’ are classed as separate transactions so can also be claimed for.

How can I claim my money back?

  • A claim can be made by yourself directly to the bank, where each statutory requirement must be set out to form the basis of the claim. The experienced professionals here at Reclaim Experts will remove the burden for you and handle your complaint from start to finish – and we set out to reclaim the full amount you are entitled to.

How long will my claim take?

  • Most cases are addressed within 8-12 weeks of the bank receiving your complaint.

Will making a claim affect my relationship with my bank?

  • No. If you have been mis-sold a product you are fully entitled to claim back your money. This redress is set out in law and is designed to protect consumers. Being refunded your money will not place any sort of ‘black mark’ on your relationship with the bank.

How much will my claim cost?

  • The claim is on a NO WIN NO FEE basis so there are no up-front fees, a Success Fee of 35% of the award is payable upon a successful claim.


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